Greenwood, South Carolina: 1 Photo All Weekend

Every now and then. Not to often or perhaps not often enough. I feel like it's good to put the camera down and just take it all in, live and in person in a moment you'll never have back. Which sure, those times seem like the perfect time to snap a photo but your intuition says..."naw, just let this one be". That's the kind of weekend I had visiting family in Greenwood, South Carolina this past weekend. I went up there leaving Darlington, SC thinking this will be a great time to get a new vlog recorded for the Carolina's Photography YouTube Channel but it just didn't feel right. It was a time to wind down and recharge instead of hoping to go go and go getting shots. I snapped only one photo for the two and a half hour drive home. One pic of the radio playing a jam band I recently stumbled across named GOOSE. Just letting the music play was one more way to really take in a great weekend.

"Put the camera down sometimes." I was told to do this very thing once before and I took the advice to heart never forgetting that lesson... glad to see there isn't always a need to show everyone what I saw. Just a need to live a little.

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