Appearances & Media

In 2007 Carolina’s Photography was introduced to a local television audience. The first series of commercials aired in April of that year. This was followed by airings in Greensboro, North Carolina in October.  Following the initial AD Campaign.  All ad campaigns were done 100% in house with no enhancing production performed by the airing stations.   Using the same models and newlyweds that were photographed by Carolina’s Photography.  Most are also featured on this very site as well as a free promotional DVD that have been displayed in North and South Carolina at several different Bridal Shops.  In March 2009 Carolina’s Photography was a vendor at the open house.  In October of that year the first ever sponsorship deal materialize when we sponsored several internet ads for Florence, S.C. top 40 radio station 103X and their 25th Annual Hunted House Contest.  Along with several other area businesses the grand prize winner receives over $2,000 in prizes including a free portrait session from Carolina’s Photography. In early 2010 the first radio ad campaign debuted for Carolina’s Photography.  In 2011 the 5th Anniversary of Carolina’s Photography was celebrated with a 5 week long radio AD Campaign.  Hear some of the Radio Spots.   February 2014 during the second week of the month the Carolina's got a snow and ice storm... also this was the start of our radio ad campaign.

About Yeager and

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Carolina's Photography, LLC.

We are based in Darlington South Carolina famous for NASCAR's Souther 500 at Darlington RaceWay.  We have always called the Carolinas our home. We like to think we’ve been influenced by a number things from the world over. Still proud to come from the Carolinas.  There’s a saying around here “Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places...” No more is that phrase evident in each and everyone of our photos since everything is shot on location out and about in the area.  We are truly Carolina’s Photography. 



Officially established in 2006 by Yeager Yancey Tedder. A freelance photographer who picked up photography in the late 90’s as a hobby in high school. Through the 10th and 11th grade photography was just part of the curriculum taught through the High School.  It wasn’t very obvious to anyone that taking pictures would be in the future for Yeager since he did poorly on most of the photography assignments that were put in front of him.  From paraphrasing camera parts to developing film it was all covered in the course that spanned three years and was also encouraged through the years to keep at it by teachers.  Finally in his senior year it finally “clicked”  figuratively and literally.  All the trial and error paid off as things began to make sense and this “photography thing” could be something major in his life.  Finally seemed plausible albeit a ways off.  Yeager graduated in 2001 and did he not undergo any more photography studies in the class room environment.  After several years of in the field experience, Carolina’s Photography LLC. was founded in 2006.

Present Day


What sets Carolina’s Photography apart from anyone else doing photography is the clear focus and hands on approach to every facet of all our products and services.  Pictures are handled one at a time, all Media including Web Sights, DVD’s, Podcast, and Videos are produced, written, edited, and conceptualized in house first.  Tees are individually screen printed with no two ever being the same.  These endeavors into areas outside of photography really helps lend a unique voice and encourages access to our different mediums that few companies make available. One can take or leave as much information as they please.  All in an effort to get to know what we’re all about.


Carolina’s Photography and it’s brands have earned a small but rabid fan base that we sincerely appreciate the support of.  Today we are proud to be able to offer fine photography to the masses. Those who always loved this style of photography and wanted it for themselves.  Further enhancing the way poses and enhancements are offered in photo packages with an emphasis on one’s own style and personality showing through, and not limiting anyone to one or two predetermined poses.  We really do want everyone to think of Carolina’s Photography as their Photographers.



Privacy Statement

Carolina’s Photography, LLC. and it’s subsidiaries does not divulge any information regarding the users who use e-mail or comment to and for correspondence with us or any representative of Carolina’s Photography, LLC.  When we display an advertisement on your computer, we do not collect any personal identifiable information about you, such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address.  Our sites are not set up to do this.  Know that e-mail is an inherently insecure form of communication.  In cases where we need information we will ask you for it. For reasons such as shipping out products, billing, etc...  

Photography Package Details

Currently we have photographers available in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina.  At this time all areas outside of a 50 Mile radius (excluding some wedding packages) of these areas are subject to additional travel expenses of $0.75 a mile calculated one way.



*All prices subject to change with out notice.

 Except for current agreements.


*Additional travel expenses may apply to all packages.


Have account number present or another form of ID for Portrait shoots as well as a cell phone number.


Re-shoot days will be handled accordingly mostly due to weather or site related situations.


*If you would like to have the Wedding and Wedding Reception photographed by Carolina’s Photography or you simply request more time. Please take into account the time needed for us to cover all of the event.  Ensure you select the Package with the appropriate time needed.  Overages will result in a fee of $100.00 for each additional hour and will include up to 25 additional photos taken and added to the  USB Flash Drive included with every wedding package from Carolina’s Photography.


*Note USB Flash Drives contain photos taken including those that are used for prints in your package.


* A signed agreement and deposit or paid in full amount is the only way to reserve all wedding dates.


*Note Carolina’s Photography uses several shirt manufactures, all apparel sizes tend to run a size small resulting in a snugger fit.



Myrtle Beach Local Gov. Page.

FAQ about Marriage and Wedding Fees.



Carolina’s Photography, LLC. is not obligated to disclose the Names, Age, Race, or Gender of it’s Photographers and/or Assistants before, during, or after any and all agreements.

Colors May Vary

We strive to display as accurately as possible the colors of our featured products that appear on our Site(s), printed documents, and photo albums. However,  some of the actual colors you see will vary depending on your monitor.  Carolina’s Photography, LLC. cannot guarantee complete color accuracy.


What Is Digital Distribution?


Digital Distribution is simply the name we’ve given to uploading your photos on one our websites or an exterior service for viewing on-line proofs of your photos as well as receiving full size photos you can simply drag and drop to your computer or mobile device to save.

Terms of Service as of January 2014 to PRESENT DATE.


      The Photographer may not be held liable for or subject to damages for failure to provide any proofs, prints or other visual presentations due to negligence, carelessness, accident or any other avoidable or unavoidable action mentioned or unmentioned by any other individual or any other service agency, necessary in performing the functions set forth in this contract.


     No part of this order will be delivered until the balance is paid in full. Any damages need to be reported within (10) ten days of receipt or will be the responsibility of the purchaser. No refunds, all damaged items will be replaced with same product. The charges for the photographer is due up front and is non-refundable. 


     As pertains to COPYRIGHT: Carolina’s Photography, LLC will retain the copyright for all of the portrait services and products i/e negatives and memory cards. However the photos can be reproduced, or copied for non-profit private use by the Client. 


     Each and every Photo Shoot is unique in and of itself and cannot be subject to exact comparison to other Carolina’s Photography, LLC. Photo Shoots, Products, and all other services that have been or will be photographed by Carolina’s Photography, LLC.


     Having read all information made available by Carolina's Photography, LLC. clients agree to the terms as set forth, and have supplied all of the necessary details to Carolina’s Photography, LLC and the photographers to insure that the agreement can be upheld.

Product Information

Carolina’s Photography, LLC. products displayed and services offered on this Site are available to anyone in the United States.  Additional fees may apply.  The prices displayed on the Site are quoted in U.S. dollars and are valid and effective only in the U.S.


Most images on this website are copyrighted by Carolina’s Photography, LLC.  All other images belong to their respective copyright owners.  No reproduction of any kind unless otherwise noted is authorized without the express written consent of Carolina’s Photography, LLC.  



This Site is maintained and operated by Carolina’s Media

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“For over a decade Carolina’s Photography, LLC. has been an independently-run entity forged out of a need and want to make A-1 Products & Services available to everyone since 2006 and beyond...”

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