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Hello and welcome to the ABOUT PAGE,  My full name is Yeager Yancey Tedder.  Named after Cy Young winning baseball player Joe Yeager not the drink which my parents hadn't heard of until the 2000s when I was in my 20s. Now I'm living 1 mile away from the hospital I was born at in Darlington, South Carolina.  I had an interest in movies since I was 6 years old.  First thinking of being an effects artist after seeing Jurassic Park, but then learning what a Director and Writer did I thought those were more me.  I wanted to use film cameras and the still photography film was way more accessible in high school than movie film cameras.  That's how I "accidentally" got into still photography.  The term designer/planner seem like they describe me pretty well, but the Photographer and Videographer labels fit just fine as well. Oh and for my middle name Yancey, that origin is still a mystery...

So as a wanna be filmmaker in 2009 I made my first documentary about the first five years of Carolina's Photography, LLC. Which is still floating around online.  Then it was onto online small film festivals to streaming on demand with Amazon Video.  Our 2 minute short film entitled WHAT PHOTOGRAPHERS FORGET is a love note to the craft of photography you can watch free with Prime right now! MORE


YouTube has been our 2nd home on the Internet since 2007.  Vlogs, Podcast, Behind the Scenes (Shots),  videos of fellow vendors (see below), to our wedding highlight films it's all here.  MORE


Getting you ready for picture day and going over the wedding and photo topics on the Carolina's Photography Podcast.  Listen in your favorite podcast catcher at the links below.



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