Charleston, South Carolina Aquarium Wedding Video | Caitlin + David

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Carolina's Photography/ 1st ever wedding video. That was actually a surprise video as a gift to Caitlin and David. The idea of adding wedding videography was bouncing around my mind back in 2015 so I figured the "safest" way to go about would be to do one unsolicited. That way if it's terrible there's no hard feelings, actually if it was really rough David and Caitlin probably would of not even known I attempted to make a video in 1st place. That didn't happen they loved it, and we've been shooting ever since, even with new additions to the family pictured below!

The South Carolina Coast Weddings are so gorgeous and this was that but with the twist of the Aquarium which is located right next to the water. As big as the building is it really also feels intimate in a way as you can see in this video, there's a calmness to it which is an amazing atmosphere for a wedding day! This really is a world class aquarium and unforgettable wedding venue just like their site reads. If this feels like the South Carolina Wedding Venue you're considering for you then check out the South Carolina Aquarium at their site web site here

Bonus Video where I did a commentary for my 1st wedding videography shoot!

Need a photographer for your Carolina Coast Wedding? Both Carolinas are among my favorite places obviously, so I get excited every time I get to shoot in that environment by the water. Check out my work and holler at me!


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