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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Riverfront Park in Columbia, SC. was the site of this couples photo session with Christa and Dallas. Perhaps the big thing to try and figure out before traveling and shooting at Riverfront Park is deciding which location do you want to meet up at. On google Riverfront Park brings up many streets and also Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park shows up as a top search. It's a stretch that runs seemingly as long as the city so you'll diffidently want to pin down your meeting spot before heading there.

Perhaps Christa and Dallas aren't the best couple to talk about having to ease into a photo shoot. (See the video below) For those who aren't as comfortable on camera as my approach is to start slow with some close up shots and back away or vice versa. It's important to keep in mind there's no need to add stress to your picture day thinking you have to reinvent modeling. You'll be fine, the shots will get shot. I've come to embrace moments like the one above where it's not a pose but just moment that get's caught in between the directed poses. The "Lifestyle" photography is much easier for anyone including myself who doesn't have "modeling' down as one of their hobbies. :)

My final "must" for couple photos is to make sure the couple looks like they like one another. Seems simple right, but it's not that there's a problem with the couple more the angles and the direction of the photos convey that not so good feeling. That's a thing we didn't encounter on this day in Riverfront Park, good times, smiling faces, and beautiful places were the theme for this one.

I also recorded podcast that goes more in depth with couples posing you can listen to below!

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