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A Comprehensive Guide to Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

South Carolina Wedding Photographer and Videographer Yeager Tedder
Photographer and Videographer Yeager Tedder

Some broad help, created by wedding photographer and videographer Yeager Tedder.

Weddings are moments of pure bliss and capturing those moments through photography and videography ensures that these memories last a lifetime. If you're planning a wedding or assisting someone in their wedding preparations, understanding the options available for wedding photography and videography packages is crucial. In this guide, we will delve into various aspects of wedding photography and videography, including packages, prices, and the services they encompass.

Understanding Wedding Photography and Videography

Wedding photography and videography are essential elements of any wedding celebration. They capture the emotions, love, and joy of the day, creating timeless memories. Let's take a closer look at what each of these services entails:

  • Wedding Photography: This involves capturing still images, portraying various moments of the wedding day. From candid shots to formal portraits, a wedding photographer skillfully captures the essence of the event.

  • Wedding Videography: Unlike photography, videography captures moving images and sound, allowing you to relive every emotion and experience of your wedding day.

Karpenisi, Greece Church  Newly Wed Bride and Groom embracing side by side

Wedding Photography Packages and Prices

One of the first things to consider when looking for wedding photography services is the photography package. These packages often include a range of services tailored to meet different preferences and budgets. Here are some common components found in wedding photography packages:

  • Number of Photographers/Videographers: Depending on the package, you might have one or multiple photographers or videographers covering your event, ensuring no precious moment is missed.

  • Hours of Coverage: Packages will specify the number of hours the photographer and videographer will be present at the event, ranging from the pre-ceremony preparations to the reception.

  • Prints and Albums: Some packages may include a certain number of prints or an album with edited images.

  • Additional Edits and Enhancements: High-end packages might offer extensive editing and enhancement options to make your photos truly exceptional.

  • Engagement Sessions: Some packages include pre-wedding engagement photo sessions.

Sample Wedding Photography Packages

*note this is not how are structured but this is just one possible example you'll see.

Here's a sample comparison of wedding photography packages:

Wedding Videography Packages and Prices

Similar to photography, wedding videography packages offer a variety of services. Here are some aspects commonly included in these packages:

  • Hours of Coverage: Like photography, videography packages specify the number of hours they will be filming, usually covering key events throughout the day.

  • Edited Video: Most packages include an edited video, often in various formats suitable for sharing online or preserving on physical media.

  • Drone Footage: Some packages may offer drone footage, providing unique aerial perspectives of your wedding venue.

Downtown Charleston Newly Weds on the street

Combined Photography and Videography Packages

Many couples opt for combined photography and videography packages, providing a one-stop solution for capturing their special day. These packages often offer synergies and cost savings compared to booking photography and videography separately.

Selecting the Right Package for You

Choosing the right wedding photography and videography package depends on your budget, preferences, and the level of coverage you desire. Consider meeting with potential photographers and videographers to discuss your vision for the day and find a package that aligns with it.

Remember, your wedding photos and videos will be cherished for a lifetime, so investing in high-quality photography and videography is a decision you won't regret.

For more information and to view the wedding photography and videography packages we offer, visit our game plan page to get started!

Disclaimer: Prices and packages are for illustrative purposes only and may vary based on location, photographer/videographer experience, and other factors. It's advisable to contact your chosen vendor for accurate pricing details.


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