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but with photo and video :)

Here's how I go about documenting your wedding with photography and video.  Your wedding is is YOUR wedding.  Let's create a tailored "wedding plan" a.k.a. "wedding package" tailered and unique just for you and your partner. Here's some of the steps that go into creating keepsakes for your wedding and it starts ASAP...  


You've Already Begun... So I Will Too

Good news, If you're on this page then you've already up running, you will be or you already are engaged!  Congratulations on just doing that alone.  Now for logistics and sorting out vendors like me with pics and/or video.  The goal's to get what you want and need guiding you through every step of the way.


Before Your Wedding

It's not just about your wedding day.  Let's find out if you've got some pictures and video that's "inspo" for your day.  This can be from sites like Pinterest.  I'm going to go brainstorm to come up with more ideas, and crate a wedding (game) plan based on what you've told me on a phone call hat can be set up here on the contact page.  I'll prep to organize for things like gear, and getting your wedding itinerary ready.  Ideally leaving in time for us to do the photos and/or video.  The photo/video session can also happen over multiple days.


On Your Wedding Day

The moment you've been eagerly anticipating has arrived – your wedding day!  I'll be there from the beginning of the day, capturing the getting ready process, and by your side as the day unfolds.  The day can go by so fast, but the camera's documenting it for y'all.  You just take it all in and be in the moment.


After Your Wedding

Once the celebrations are over, my work is far from finished. I will carefully curate and edit the images and/or footage, putting the final touches on everything, sending you a "sneak peak" of what's going on.  This generally takes 4-6 weeks and you'll receive an online gallery of photos and you'll be able to view your wedding film of course.  But beyond that, my goal is to be more than just a vendor. As a dedicated creator committed to crafting keepsakes that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.  I don't take being apart of this time in your life likely.  Your love story is unique, and it deserves to be told that way.  I can't wait to be a small little part of your big day.


 Clients Say...

florence sc bride groom cake.jpg
"Yeager is very professional and he takes the time to listen at what your needs are so they can be met. Our wedding pictures turned out lovely and we couldn’t have been more satisfied! He made our day extra special!

-Veronica Cauthen, Bride

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