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Tips for Preparing For Your Call With Photographers

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Me Happy To Talk Discovery Calls

Hello, fellow photography enthusiasts, brides, and grooms-to-be, future clients, and future partners! Hope that covered everyone. Today, we're diving into a crucial aspect of wedding planning—preparing for your call with wedding photographers. This initial conversation lays the foundation for capturing your special day beautifully. Let's explore some valuable tips to ensure that your call with photographers is not just productive but also enjoyable.

1. Define Your Vision

Before your call, take time to define your vision. Think about the style of photography you prefer, the mood you want to convey, and any specific shots or moments that are essential to you. Having a clear vision will help you communicate your expectations effectively. Once we all get on the same page and know what we're trying to accomplish, the rest of this list really falls into place.

2. Prepare Your Questions

Prepare a list of questions to ask during the call. These could include inquiries about availability on your wedding date, the approach to capturing weddings, pricing packages, and any additional services that are on offer. Asking questions helps you understand my process and assess if they align with your needs.

Darlington, SC Photographer Yeager Tedder in a striking black and white photo.
There's Questions and Answers To Go Around

3. Share Your Wedding Details or Scope of the Project

During the call, share essential wedding details such as the date, location, and the overall theme or vibe you're aiming for. Discussing these specifics allows photographers to better understand your requirements and determine if they're a good fit for your day. Will we be shooting knowing we'll do photoshop work in the edit or do we just keep it all to getting it done in camera? Do you need one picture or hundred and one for a work project. We need a game plan.

4. Discuss Your Budget

Be transparent about your budget. Having an open conversation about pricing helps us both, if there isn't specifics then a ball park number will do. It also enables photographers to suggest suitable packages or customize a proposal that suits your needs. That's all I'm trying to do with this entire process. Make sure if you don't a T-Rex like Jurassic Park in your video, we don't go hire a Visual Effects Artist when we don't need to.

5. Ask About My Approach... Seriously I Don't Mind

Inquire about a photographer's approach to weddings. Do they prefer candid shots or staged portraits? How do they handle challenging lighting conditions? Understanding their style and problem-solving abilities is crucial in ensuring your photos turn out the way you envision. Notice I said this as if you won't be shooting with me-- And that's perfectly fine. I would be a bit disappointed if we don't work out but I still want you to have a beautiful day working with a photog who gets you exactly what you want/need.

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Next Step After A Call, Be Your Photographer

6. Share Your Must-Have Shots

If you have specific shots or moments that are essential to you, communicate that. Whether it's capturing a particular location, a candid family moment, or a specific detail, expressing your priorities ensures that nothing important is missed. This one is "HUGE" I've on seen one person on any kind of photo session really remember who all to get in shots off the top of their head with out really going over it before hand. That's less than 1% success rate. Plan and share your must-have shots no matter if you think there might be something that can't be done. Try me.

7. Be Open to Suggestions

While it's vital to communicate your vision, be open suggestions and creative input. Experienced photographers often have valuable insights and can offer ideas that enhance your photography experience.

8. Discuss the Timeline

Understand a photographer's approach to the wedding day timeline. Discuss when they'll/I'll arrive, how long to stay, and the timeline for receiving your photos after the event. Clarity on these aspects ensures that expectations are met.

9. Evaluate the Connection

Finally, pay attention to the connection you feel. Chemistry and trust are essential. You want to work with someone who not only understands your vision but also makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence.


Preparing for your call with photographers is a crucial step in ensuring that your wedding photography experience is seamless and enjoyable. By defining your vision, conducting research, and engaging in open communication, you'll be well-prepared to find the perfect photographer who can capture your special day beautifully. Happy planning!


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