Florence Soccer Complex Family + Maternity Photo Session

The Florence Soccer Complex is very accessible but more on that in a sec. I got a message from Momma Caitlin over the summer that baby number 2, Cooper was on the way in the fall which meant it was time for more photos! A maternity and family shoot was first up. As you could imagine my excitement level shot up into the clouds with some good news in 2020! Next was the not so easy task of finding somewhere to shoot in the Florence area. Why is it not so easy? Well after almost 15 years snapping pictures in the area, the risk of getting stale starts to creep in a bit.

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing places I've been in photos and videos but after awhile you're running a risk of been there done that, and everything is looking the same instead of what this time should be. It's only totally unique moment in time. I can't take any credit for picking this spot as Caitlin an and husband David suggested the Florence Soccer Complex and it's now a suggestion that's going to be in my petered places to shoot list. Here's why....

The Florence Soccer Complex is soooo accessible! It's located off a major road leading out of Florence, SC to Timmonsville, SC and right off the Interstate. Park anywhere along side the paved road and you've got a sight line to see your surroundings so meeting up with people is a breeze making them easier to spot on the grounds. Bathrooms are available and there's a pond there housing a goose... I only saw one so can't say geese. Even though we hand an overcast day I'd imagine sunset would be immaculate in that location since there's no trees or buildings to hide your view of the skyline. I went out a week earlier and that was an overcast day too so I'm going to have to wait to witness what sunset has to offer out there.

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