Ocean Isle in North Carolina | Family Photos

Beach Family Photography for an 80th Birthday? Yes Please!

It was an another honor in a privilege to be asked to be the photographer for Mr. Roger & Ms. Elain's 80th birthday get together in July. A longtime friend of mine contacted me about the pictures in Spring and after winning the vote of the families I was booked! I showed up for my first every visit to Ocean Isle North Carolina coming into the beach side town over a tall bridge that spectacularly shows the view of the ocean after a two hour drive from Darlington. Pulling up at the Bella Vista house to meet the rest of the family we walked down the street to meet at the beach and wait on more family to arrive!

I went back and forward on what time of day to shoot these shots. Beaches can sometimes be too bright in the morning and afternoon. It also couldn't be too late in the day incase the youngest kids were ready for a nap. Luckily this is one of those cases where it sorted it self out on the day. The overcast sky was a perfect light diffuser and added a nice even balance of light on everyone with out the aid of a flash or reflector which would have been a bit time consuming when trying to take pictures quickly.

I was so nervous before this session but everyone was so kind and nice, I know this sounds cliche' but I quickly felt like part of the family! I really hope to do something like this again in the warmer months. The beach has always been my studio away from home, one more thing that lets me feel at ease doing photos ocean side. I loved this opportunity in every way, even the sand stayed manageable and out of my back park. What more could a Photog ask for?!

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